Johanna McCarthy announces candidacy for Milton Town Treasurer

Johanna McCarthy candidateJohanna McCarthy
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Johanna McCarthy announces candidacy for Milton Town Meeting Member

I am delighted to be running for Milton’s Town Treasurer.

I am proud Milton is my home.  I’m excited to step up and step in with this election.  I feel confident that my education and experience will allow me to succeed in the office of Town Treasurer.

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in accounting and have nearly two decades of experience in back-and middle-office roles in Boston’s financial services industry, most recently as the Executive Director for Management Company Accounting & Reporting at a $30B investment management firm.  I am experienced in auditing, valuation, compliance, payroll, cash management, liquidity analysis, and vendor and advisor due diligence.  I have led teams and implemented software solutions, workflow improvements, and controls.  Five years ago, I stepped back from the workforce following the birth of my son Jackson.  He will enter kindergarten soon in Milton Public Schools, and I’d like to seize an opportunity to apply my experience and knowledge in a new adventure, as Milton’s next treasurer/collector.

And yes, this will be hopping back into the workforce.  Into a job.  Unlike other roles on our upcoming election ballot, this is a full-time paid position.  Our town will compensate me for this work.  Which brings me to my next point.

I strongly support a YES vote on the town’s Ballot Question to change our treasurer/collector role to an appointed, or hired, one.  I believe this will properly integrate the office alongside other town government offices in a consolidated, coordinated financial management function.  Over 90% of MA towns of our size have converted their elected treasurer to an appointed one, where investment management, bonding, debt service, tax collection then exist in a centralized finance department.  92% of your current Town Meeting Members support this change today.  Future treasurers will then be the result of a thorough and transparent search for the best and most qualified hire.  I look forward to capably assuming this position and transitioning it from an elected office to an appointed one.

Our current Town Treasurer, Jim McAuliffe, has served our town with diligence for the last 14 years.  Alongside many others, I wish him well-deserved, relaxing years ahead in retirement, and I thank him for his dedication to our town.

I’d appreciate your vote on April 25th.  For the time that I sit in the office of Milton’s treasurer/collector, I commit to ensuring the responsibilities of the office are performed with experience and integrity.

Johanna McCarthy

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