Giving Walgreens the boot. What’s your favorite pharmacy serving Milton MA?

So, I'm giving Walgreens the boot and looking for a new pharmacy.
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Giving Walgreens the boot. What’s your favorite pharmacy serving Milton MA?

In a recent (and popular!) post, a Milton Neighbor asked:

Members of the Milton Neighbors Facebook group responded with helpful recommendations.

“So, I’m giving Walgreens the boot and looking for a new pharmacy. We seem to be reduced to either Walgreens or CVS around here and I hate the CVS in East Milton Square. Haven’t tried the one on Hyde Park Ave? Costco doesn’t seem to take Harvard Pilgrim. Who uses the Wegmans pharmacy and what are your thoughts? And lastly, any other pharmacy recommendations in the area other than the 2 above? Thank You!”

Check out the responses from Milton Neighbors and let us know what you think!

“CVS on Gallivan Blvd”

“Oldens is Weymouth is a small pharmacy. If you don’t mind the ride they are totally worth it. They also deliver (although I’m not sure if they deliver to Milton). I use them for my elderly moms prescriptions. They deliver to her in Rockland. They are super nice & helpful.”

“Surprisingly ,the Osco pharmacy in Shaws ~ Hyde Park Ave. is really a great little pharmacy. Super nice people and I get all my Flue and Corvid shots there. The Shaws has done a new make over/ nicely done.”

“There is a pharmacy at Crown Colony owned by a Milton resident, maybe someone will know the name. I heard he also delivers to Milton on his way home!”

“CVS in Wollaston has been good”

“I’ve never had an issue with the Walmart pharmacy in Quincy. Been going there for years.”

“Stop n Shop Pharmacy in Quincy, they are wonderful.”

“I second Crown Colony Pharmacy in Quincy. They are helpful, accommodating and they offer delivery.”

“CVS on Gallivan Blvd.”

“Another vote for Osco pharmacy inside the Hyde Park Shaws. Super nice and never had a problem getting a script filled quickly.”

“Wegmans in Westwood is great!”

“Crown colony.”

“Randolph pharmacy is great and they also compound.”

“Crown Colony Pharmacy
500 Congress St. Quincy.
Best around!!”

“Crown Colony Pharmacy is the best!

“Osco in Hyde Park ( in the Star Market) is excellent”

“Randolph Pharmacy is the best. You won’t be disappointed.”

“Second the Stop n Shop pharmacy on Newport Ave.”

“Check your insurance. Ours limits us to CVS and no coverage at Walgreens.”

“I have never had an issue with CVS in Wollaston”

“I prefer cvs on Beale they’re open 23 hours a day they just close for lunch.”

“I go to Cvs on Morrissey Blvd by mallet st”

“Cvs on Dorchester ave. Parking is great and the pharmacy never has an issue.”

“Love love love Wegman’s!!!”

“I made a similar post a month or two ago!!! We switched to wegman’s. It’s SO FAST!! There’s also curbside pickup or they’ll deliver via Instacart, and you can also get groceries along with it. We’ve been so happy!”

“Wegmans in Westwood has gone above and beyond. I can’t say enough good things about them. PM if you have specific questions. I will never go anywhere else.”

“I rarely get prescriptions but use Lower Mills CVS. I will not use Walgreens due to their politics.”

“Osco drug in Shaws / star market in Hyde Park”

“Stop and Shop NQ is good.”

“CVS West Roxbury, Center St”

“Buy your drugs online. Fast, easy and you will save years on your life with the reduction in stress. Express Scripts or Amazon Pharmacy are two options…”

“I use the Walgreens on Gallivan Blvd. They seem great to me. I have found that corporate has lousy customer service, but the folks at this location great.”

“The purpose of this post is because OP is protesting the anti-woman, anti-choice policies of Walgreens and ditching all Walgreens.”

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