Overcrowding in Milton schools continues to worsen

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Overcrowding in Milton schools continues to worsen

As a former school committee member, I am well aware of the continued worsening conditions of overcrowding in the Milton Public Schools. My children have both attended the Milton Public Schools and have been lucky to have full use of their libraries, auditoriums, art rooms and have never had a class in a trailer. The future does not look as bright for the next generation.

After four years of research by the School Building Committee, the Select Board and School Committee (both elected by Milton citizens) agree that the land swap for a new school should happen. I support the members of the warrant committee who advocated strongly and voted in favor for the land swap as a vote for Milton’s schools and our children. The final decision will be made at Town Meeting, which needs a 2/3 vote in favor to move forward with the land swap to build a new school.

Voting against the land swap is voting for continued and increased overcrowding which includes libraries, stages, hallways and possibly trailers being used as classrooms for 10 years or more, potentially. That means a child starting kindergarten next year will be in overcrowded schools into high school at minimum. If the land swap passes, we have a chance to get a new school before this same child leaves elementary school.

Parents of school age children should know what the candidates in our upcoming town-wide and town meeting elections are voting for or against. The vote for a new school should not be delayed any further. This next generation of Milton students is counting on our vote.

Becky Padera
School Committee member 2012-2016
Town meeting precinct#2 2012-present

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