Wine favorites, outrageous mailers, and new school gratitude – Top Milton Neighbors posts, March ’23

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Wine favorites, outrageous mailers, and new school gratitude – Top Milton Neighbors posts, March ’23

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. New School Building Committee update & thank you

“THANK YOU to the school building committee and the elementary PTOs for putting together a very informative meeting this morning! The volunteers on the SBC have thoughtfully and tirelessly worked in this project for FOUR years already. Their work will be erased if town meeting does not vote to allow the land swap….”

2. Outrageous claims from a local Milton committee

“Just going to leave this here. It’s from an official mailer from the Milton Republican Town Committee stating why you should get out and vote for their candidates.”

milton republicans spout fake news in flyer

3. Why can’t Milton residents easily email Town Meeting Members?

“Might anyone know if there is a reason why there isn’t an easy way to contact TMMs? It seems intuitive that there should be, but although their addresses are publicly disclosed information, email addresses are not. So if a town resident wanted to convey their views on a local issue to their TMMs, they would effectively have to use postal mail. This seems somewhat antiquated and I’m wondering if there is a reasoning behind it that I’m missing?”

4. Bye Walgreens!

“So, I’m giving Walgreens the boot and looking for a new pharmacy. We seem to be reduced to either Walgreens or CVS around here and I hate the CVS in East Milton Square. Haven’t tried the one on Hyde Park Ave? Costco doesn’t seem to take Harvard Pilgrim. Who uses the Wegmans pharmacy and what are your thoughts? And lastly, any other pharmacy recommendations in the area other than the 2 above? Thank You!”

5. Favorite wine recommendations

wine bottles

“What’s your #1 favorite wine (red, white, rose, anything but Chardonnay because nobody in my group likes it)? We are having a wine tasting gathering where each couple brings a favorite bottle and I am looking for ideas other than my $15 or less policy for myself. 😉”

6. Some good MEMES – click if you need a laugh!

meme monday

7. Taylor Swift concert parking help needed

“Planning for the upcoming Taylor Swift concert (May).
Has anyone done the MBTA train down to Gillette? Seems like an easy ride from Dedham (assume there’s parking at Dedham). Is there only one train afterwards so you feel super stressed trying to catch it?
If not the train, I also welcome parking advice. My friend who bought the tickets just got an email for “stadium side prepaid parking” for $35 and wondering if that’s actually a bad move with traffic getting out of there.

8. Ventura Park recommended for dog walking!

“I always forget about Ventura Park for dog walks, but it is a little gem of a park (the day after a Friday St. Patrick’s Day, not a beer can or bottle in sight) with spectacular views of Milton Landing and the Neponset. Park and enter where Ventura Street makes a hard right angle turn.”

9. A very dramatic Turners Pond shot

Turners Pond by Andy D'Amato

Turners Pond photo by Andy D’Amato

10. Leash your dogs, Milton!

“The birds are singing, the Spring peepers are peeping, sunset is later and the sun is warmer. Spring has finally sprung and after this winter of “hibernation” every living creature wants to be outside!

Sometimes an issue arises when dogs and people want to enjoy the same space. How do we keep everyone safe and happy? The leash law is designed to do just that. Milton requires all dogs be on a physical leash (no remote collars and retractable leashes are not recommended) when not on their own property….”


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