Warren G. Lizio announces candidacy for Milton Town Meeting, Precinct 7

Warren Lizio, candidateWarren Lizio
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Warren G. Lizio announces candidacy for Milton Town Meeting, Precinct 7

I live on Alvin Avenue with my active 5 & 8 yr. boys, supportive wife, and a saucy dog. I attended BC High, UMass, and Boston University where I made life-long friends, several of whom live across Milton. I am a member of the East Milton Neighborhood Association (EMNA) board and an appointed member of the Town’s Master Plan Implementation Committee (MPIC).

Professionally, I have worked across the real estate life cycle: development, commercial banking, public process, and recently 13 years leading a firm specializing in property management and re/development of market/affordable apartment communities. I practice ‘security by design’, using light and landscape, resolution of fair housing issues, and mindful upgrades to encourage community engagement and ensure lasting appeal. As a result, I understand the impact of a decision from its conception through to its permanent operational impacts.

Running for Town Meeting is important to me because I value East Milton’s integrity and the wellbeing of Milton residents at large. Respecting the Town’s existing character is critical as we take on new challenges like East Milton ReZoning, MBTA Communities, School Expansion, Traffic, and Fiscal Discipline. Growth is inevitable and welcomed when it adds to our community without taking away what we already have.

The value I will bring as a Town Meeting Member:

  1. A Collaborative, Goal-Oriented Approach that facilitates open, respectful conversation to arrive at the best solutions. I believe that diversity is a strength and the perspective of each person matters.
  2.  Financial Competence, permitting a critical analysis and review of budgets and financing. We must ensure that the funds we have are applied in a pragmatic, strategic manner so that increasing property taxes and overrides do not become regular occurrences.
  3. Experience in Community Development, based upon volunteering with organizations like Main Streets, the education Inst. for Real Estate Management, and neighborhood associations, in addition to my professional experience.

My family and I love Milton. We are especially grateful to be living in East Milton where active residents have consistently banded together to address critical issues as they arise. Together, with you, we are a community of neighbors.

Please vote for Warren G. Lizio on April 25th. Thank You!

Ps – Our Town works when citizens are involved! For just 30 min, please watch one Town meeting on Milton Public Access. Your perspective counts!

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