YES on Question 1—Milton deserves strong finances

Vote Yes on 1: Strong Finances
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YES on Question 1—Milton Deserves Strong Finances

Question 1 asks residents whether the current elected Treasurer’s position in Milton should become an appointed (aka hired) position.

Vote Yes on 1: Milton deserves Strong Finances

Data from Massachusetts shows that…

  • 82% of MA’s municipalities have a hired Treasurer
  • 92% of MA’s municipalities with over 10,000 residents have a hired Treasurer
  • 90% of MA’s municipalities with budgets between $50 million and $200 million have a hired Treasurer
  • 0% of MA’s municipalities voting for a hired Treasurer have chosen to revert back to an elected Treasurer

Reasons to say YES on Question 1…

Accountability — a YES vote adds 2 levels of oversight: Town Administrator and Select Board

  • Coordination — a YES vote consolidates Milton’s financial functions
  • Consistency — a YES vote assures that our Treasurer will continue to have advanced financial knowledge, skills, and experience
  • Accessibility — a YES vote gives Milton access to a broader range of potential future Treasurers

Bi-partisan support of YES on Question 1 comes from…

  • 92% of your elected Town Meeting members
  • All 5 sitting Select Board members: Mike Zullas, Arthur Doyle, Richard Wells, Roxanne Musto, and Erin Bradley
  • Members of the former Town Government Study Committee and current Town Meeting members: Rick Neely, Kathy Fagan, Leroy Walker, Peter Mullin, Phil Mathews, and Kerry White

VOTE YES on Tuesday, April 25

Paid for by YES on Ballot Question 1 Committee 2023.

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