Milton Police Log: March 31 – April 7, 2023

milton police log
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Milton Hospital Security requests support for a PT who is having a psych episode. Sergeant Coska reports ICU doctor Sectioned him
and they are transporting him back to the hospital. See Report.

Milton Police Log: March 31 – April 7, 2023

03/31/2023 13:56 ANTWERP STREET / GRANITE AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 caller reported a minor motor vehicle accidentt. Officer assisted MA reg 2SWN66 and MA reg 3AEV53 with the paper exchange.

03/31/2023 15:02 ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D

Officer reports 2 car MVA between MA REG 98M580 and MA REG JRGOLF, no injuries. Officer assisted in paper exchange. One vehicle will arrange their own tow.

03/31/2023 17:14 LOTHROP AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller reports landlord is having issues regarding her dog. Animal control officer Nancy notified.

03/31/2023 17:20 BARTONS LANE Animal Complaint

caller reports she has found a dog. ACO notified.

03/31/2023 17:41 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity

ADT security reports a burglar alarm. Officers report possible forced entry. See report.

03/31/2023 20:12 PLEASANT STREET Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports she heard five gunshots in the area above. Officers report nothing showing in the area.

03/31/2023 23:37 REEDSDALE ROAD / CANTON AVENUE Accident – P/I

911 Call reported a motor vehicle accident at the above address. Milton Fire and Paramedic-1 notified to handle. Officer reported MA Reg 6ZHH70 and MA Reg 8SYX90 were the vehicles involved. Akiki towing notified for two tow’s. Paramedic-1 transported one party to B.I. Milton Hospital. See report for particulars.

04/01/2023 09:06 GRANITE AVENUE Accident – P/D

911 caller reports an MVA in the area above. MA REG 1WVP and 8FR585. Akiki was notified for one tow. Fire and Coastal notified. No EMS needed, prior to arrival they were cancelled. See Report.

04/01/2023 11:58 GRANITE AVENUE Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports a disruptive party. Officer reports it was an angry customer and she is leaving the property.

04/01/2023 12:16 ROUTE 93 NORTH Assist Other Departments

911 caller reports an MVA in the area above. Fire and Coastal notified. State notified. Coastal transporting one party to BI Milton.

04/01/2023 13:39 MEAGHER AVENUE Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports solicitor tresspassing on his property. Ofc reports the party checked out and is a solicitor from Trinity Solar.

04/01/2023 17:12 SQUANTUM STREET Assist Other Departments

911 caller reports a 1 car MVA. Officer reports it’s a call for State. State notified.

04/01/2023 17:51 CENTRE STREET Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reports male party about 5’5″-5″6″ with blue or black baseball cap, tattoos, and baggy sweat pants was going from door to door claiming to be door dash but had no car on the street or food. Officer reports he is a confirmed door dash driver that was lost and helped him find his way.

04/01/2023 22:32 ABERDEEN ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports tenant playing loud music despite being asked to turn it down. Officer reports ongoing tenant/landlord issue and music was being played a reasonable volume. Caller called back a second time just after officers left the scene stating music was back up. Officers returned to the scene and peace was restored.

04/01/2023 23:51 HUDSON STREET Neighbor Disturbance

911 Caller reports a noise complaint Officers spoke to both parties. Peace restored.

04/02/2023 00:03 BRUSH HILL ROAD Assist Other Departments

Officer Roy from Attleboro Police reports a junvenile who ran away from a group home has a phone pinging in the area above. Party of interest is William Bonito, 16 yrs old, white male, all black clothes with purple hair. Officers report they searched the area above with no finding. Attleboro was updated.

04/02/2023 01:22 RANDOLPH AVENUE Assist Other Departments

Boston State requests assistance in lookiing for a Red or Maroon sedan with all tinted windows for a failure to stop coming from Boston into Milton via 28 North. Officers searched the area with nothing showing.

04/02/2023 03:05 TRUMAN PARKWAY Suspicious Activity

Caller reports he lives in an area where cars don’t usually park and he sees multipled cars with their lights coming through his window from his side yard and is concerned. Officer reports there were no vehicles on seen when he arrived.

04/02/2023 07:56 ROBBINS STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports construction work outside of her house is causing a disturbance in the area. Officer spoke to party and confirms that construction will resume at appropriate hours.

04/02/2023 13:03 BOULEVARD STREET Accident – P/D

911 caller reports a gray Lexus struck a no parking sign. Ma reg 6ZS835. Message left for DPW for replacemtn of steet sign. See report.

04/02/2023 15:17 BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Animal Complaint

Caller reports she has custody of lost dog. Officer transported dog to animal shelter. ACO noticed

04/02/2023 15:47 ADAMS STREET Accident – P/D

Caller reports 2 car MVA. MA reg. 12JW7S and MA reg. 9CN968. Officer reports assisting in a paper exchenge.

04/02/2023 18:28 FERNCROFT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports unknown male party continuing to ring her doorbell and wont leave. Officer reports party was gone on arrival.

04/02/2023 18:49 GREEN STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller from 40 Green Street complains of loud commercial work at the house next door. Officer reports ongoing occurrence with these neighbors and party has been advised to keep the noise down.

04/02/2023 21:01 BLUE HILL AVENUE / ROBBINS STREET Accident – P/I

Caller requests ambulance for daughter after an MVA. Fire and Coastal and Akiki notified. Officer reports MASS REG# 3BKP59. MASS REG# 1ESB54. FL REG# CTQB72. Coastal 1 reports three transport to South Shore. Coastal 2 reports one transport to Boston Medical Center.

04/03/2023 08:16 LOTHROP AVENUE Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports son throwing items in the home. Prior to officers arrival party left in Uber. Caller satisfied.

04/03/2023 08:52 RANDOLPH AVENUE Accident – P/I

Mulitple 911 callers report a motor vehicle accident. Coastal and fire notified. Ma reg 284TH3 and 1LSN66. See report.

04/03/2023 16:19 BLUE HILL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reports harrasing emails. See report.

04/03/2023 16:25 WARREN AVENUE Other MV Violations

Officer reported motor vehicle stop MA REG 2XZE41. Operator cited for motor vehicle violations, Licensed operator drove vehicle from scene..

04/03/2023 20:32 BLUE HILL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reported vehicle parked in the parking lot with its lights dimmed towards her home. Officer reported no vehicles in the parking lot.

04/03/2023 23:34 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported suspicious vehicle MA Reg 1ERX27 in the above area. Officer located the vehicle in question. Officer reported the vehicle was parked legally and operator and passenger were pulled over having a conversation. Caller satisfied.

04/04/2023 07:56 CEDAR TERRACE STREET B&E M/V

911 caller reports party broke into their vehicle. Caller described party as a white male in all dark clothing. Officers located party. Coastal requested for evaluation. Officers placed one under arrest. See Report

04/04/2023 08:23 GRANITE AVENUE Larceny

Caller reports B&E M/V. Officer spoke with party, reports two vehicles were broken into with items taken. See report.

04/04/2023 08:57 HOPE AVENUE Larceny

Officer reports party at this residence reports their car was broken into. See Report.

04/04/2023 14:33 EDGE HILL ROAD Accident – P/D

911 caller reports MVA. Officer reports minor damage, paper exchange. MA REG 970YMB. MA REG CI30BJ.

04/04/2023 14:45 HILLSIDE STREET Assist Other Departments

911 caller reports 2 car MVA, Coastal and Fire notified. Officer reports MA COM REG H44 and MA REG 4ZRK10. Coastal reports patient refusal. State notified to Handle.

04/04/2023 16:05 REEDSDALE ROAD / MEREDITH CIRCLE Accident – P/D

Caller reports accident at address above. Officer reports paper exchange with MASS REG# 9CK652 and MASS REG# 2FMD94.

04/04/2023 18:19 RANDOLPH AVENUE / CHICKATAWBUT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Third party caller reports a BAT bus displayed “emergency call 911” on the computer strip int the area of Randolph Ave heading towards the highway. Officer reprots the area is clear. State Police also notified.

04/04/2023 20:29 BASSETT STREET Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports group a group outside being loud. Offcer reports area clear parties are going to leave.

04/05/2023 07:53 RANDOLPH AVENUE Accident – P/I

911 caller reports MVA.Coastal adn Fire notified. Officer reports MA REG IC91WX, MA REG 991JV2, and MA REG 17RB54. Akiki notified for two tows. See Report

04/05/2023 13:41 CANTON AVENUE Animal Complaint

Caller reports yellow lab in the area. ACO notified to handle. ACO located dog, located owner by tags on dog,.

04/05/2023 14:50 RANDOLPH AVENUE Accident – P/D

Caller reports 3 car accident at Randolph Ave and Chickatawbut. Akiki notifed for two tows. Ma reg 7147ZT, 7RTY10, and 862JL7. See report.

04/05/2023 14:59 MEAGHER AVENUE Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports SP party was walking on his property and went to his door. Caller rescribed him as a WM 5’11 with a shaved gotee wearing a blue and white wind breaker and a blue hat. Party is soliciting for Boundless Energy.

04/05/2023 17:57 CENTRE STREET Suspicious Activity

See report.

04/06/2023 00:21 ABERDEEN ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reported loud music at the above address. Officer reported no loud music coming from the above address. Call unfounded.

04/06/2023 09:41 GRANITE AVENUE Larceny

Walk in party reports possible larceny. See Report.

04/06/2023 10:36 BRUSH HILL ROAD Harrassing Calls

See Report.

04/06/2023 13:35 COLUMBINE ROAD Suspicious Activity

911 caller reports SP vehicle at above address. Officers spoke with youths in the area, reported a red sedan drove by them at high speed. Officers identified the operator of the red sedan and notified his parents of his driving behavior.

04/06/2023 15:28 ROUTE 93 NORTH Assist Other Departments

State reports two car MVA. Fire and Coastal notified. Coastal transporting one party to Carney.

04/06/2023 19:03 BELCHER CIRCLE Youth/Disturbance

Directed – Youth

04/06/2023 19:03 ADAMS STREET Suspicious Activity

Walk in party reports SP activity. See Report.

04/06/2023 19:29 REEDSDALE ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports an injured turkey in yard. Officer reports turkey is alive and well and has been moved off property. Officers advised home owners if turkey returned, to call in the morning.

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