Top Milton Neighbors posts, September ’23

collage of Top Milton Neighbors posts, September '23
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Top Milton Neighbors posts, September ’23

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. Milton lost a beloved neighbor, friend, and public servant

Brian Maclean, Milton Photographer

Brian Maclean, Milton Photographer

“Beloved photographer, police officer, dad, friend, and neighbor Brian Milton MacLean’s passed away yesterday after succumbing to his injury following an accidental fall. 💔 Brian was a talented photographer – especially of oceanscapes and landscapes – and a lover of peace…”

2. Free volleyball clinics for Milton kids


3. Owl caught in fishing line

“At popes pond it looks like an owl got snagged on a fishing lure and unfortunately drowned. Not sure if it should just be left of if I contact DPW. Any thoughts.”

4. Euros, please!

“Anyone know how and where is best to exchange US money for euros please.”

5. Concerns with Planning Board working in Milton’s best interest

““Planning Board member Maggie Oldfield said that the board should “stop trying to force everything into this model. I’m so frustrated by it. It’s just not going to work, and we’re not going to be happy.

“The state has really screwed us. They have really screwed the rapid transit (communities) . . . Let’s see if those 12 towns are suckers to do this zoning.””

The majority of Milton’s Planning Board is not acting in the best interest of their constituents in stalling the preparation of zoning in compliance with the MBTA Communities Law to be put forth at the December Town Meeting. ”

6. Are roundabouts not so bad…?

“🚦 We get it – not everyone’s a fan of roundabouts, but let’s face the facts: Traditional intersections: 32 conflict points between cars, 24 with pedestrians. Roundabouts: just 8 of each. Less math, more safety. 📊🚗 #RoundaboutsVsIntersections #SafetyMath”

7. Leaving on a jet plane

“What time do you suggest lvg for Logan for a 6:30 am flight on Thursday ?” (Also, really, abbreviations have gotten out of hand…)

8. Coyote ugly!

“A pack of 6 (1 off camera in this clip) coyotes in my drive around 4 am”

9. Quitting BJs?

“Hello, Neighbors !! Quick question: I have been a BJs member for years. Know some ppl prefer Costco. Which store do you think has better variety, prices, convenient locations, etc ?”

10. Turners Pond light display frustrates neighbors

“So. Freakin’. Obnoxious.” (Click to see photo.)


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