Yes, no, maybe so, celebrating veterans, and 40th birthday party recs – Top Milton Neighbors posts, January ’24

The top 10 snow plows in the U.S., featured in Nefarious petitions and middle of the night Logan trips.
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Yes, no, maybe so, celebrating veterans, and 40th birthday party recs – Top Milton Neighbors posts, January ’24

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. Housing vote: What would be the process to apply for affordable housing?

“Was reading the Boston Globe today 1/14) about the town wide housing vote coming up on Feb 13. My questions: are residents of Milton (mostly younger, who have full time jobs, but can’t afford to move out into an apartment) elegible [sic] to live in these new housing units? What will be the process to apply? I would hope, if approved by the voters, that they would be available to all workers with lower incomes. Comments?”

2. Laws are offensive!

“AG says milton MUST pass MBTA zoning change. Am I the only one that that finds that demand highly offensive ? They are telling me how I must vote! Government priorities should be, in my opinion; public safety, public health and public education. Im sorry more people cant afford to move to Milton, my kids couldn’t, and they bought homes in more affordable Towns. BTW, the government doesnt [sic] have money, it is OUR money!”

3. Grant funding loss risk, detailed

“Attached are screenshots of the letter and spreadsheet that the town administrator sent to the select board addressing the issue of at at-risk grants.”

4. Honoring Milton’s veterans

“Good Morning Milton! The first group of Hometown Hero Banners are in production!
We hope to have them up soon ! Here’s a preview !
If you have a Milton Veteran you would like to honor, please send me an email with the Veteran’s name, rank, service and dates of service at [email protected] 🫡🎖🇺🇸

A collection of veterans memorial bookmarks featuring Top Milton Neighbors posts.

5. What’s progressive? Yes or no?

I understand (not agree with) why many in Milton are voting yes, but we cannot pretend it is a progressive vote.
Please, before you jump, hear me out.
1. The town has a problem. It has come up with a solution that puts an enormously large portion of the burden on one small section of the town. This is not progressive.
2. The solution given reinforces the existing economic segregation that keeps lower income households on the edges of town. This is not progressive….”

6. Boston Globe article outlines consequences of “no” vote

“Good article in the Globe today, Milton has a *lot* at stake in the upcoming Special Election.”

7. Recommendations for 40th birthday party venue needed

“Hi neighbors! We’re looking for venue suggestions for a 40th birthday party in April. We are flexible on the location – thinking Milton, Quincy, Weymouth, Hingham, Dedham areas. Available parking would be great.
-About 50 adults and 15 kids (ages 0-10)
-Private space/room with a bar
-A few tables for people to sit if they want
-Buffet style food
-Bonus if the space is big enough to set up a kids corner for games/coloring and a view
Thanks in advance!!”

8. Identifying paw prints

“These footprints caught my eye outside my door today. Any ideas?
The big one is my dogs [sic] print.”

Four pictures of animal tracks in the snow, captured during the middle of the night Logan trips.\

9. Help with a child who may have untreated and undiagnosed ADHD?

“Does anyone have feedback on how to help their child (who may have ADHD)… ???”

10. Can Milton senior citizens convert one-family homes into two-family homes?

“Would the Town of Milton ever consider allowing senior home owners that want to stay in Milton and are empty nesters to convert their home into a two family?”


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