All about the big NO, realtor recommendations & quiet restaurants – Top Milton Neighbors posts, February ’24

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All about the big NO, realtor recommendations & quiet restaurants – Top Milton Neighbors posts, February ’24

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. The plan for the Milton Planning Board’s compliant plan

“During the campaign the opponents of the zoning passed by Town Meeting claimed they were not saying we shouldn’t comply, but that we should reject the plan and come up with a different compliant plan. We were told that the Planning Board was working on a complaint alternative and we should vote no to allow them to do it. Supporters of the zoning warned that this claim made no sense since a majority of the Planning Board were on record that they would not approve a compliant plan. People didn’t listen.”

2. Penny for your thoughts?

“🛑 Yesterday, Milton voted NO on Question 1, 45% to 54%.
What are your thoughts on the results and impact of the NO vote?”

Milton Neighbors discuss the outcome of the “NO” vote.

3. The lawsuit against Milton

“Massachusetts AG sues Milton this morning for non-compliance to state law…
Also from AG Campbell’s office: “At 3:15pm today, Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell will hold a media availability to discuss her Office’s lawsuit against the town of Milton for failure to comply with the MBTA Communities Law.”

4. Realtor recommendations in Milton

“Can anyone recommend a good (seller’s) realtor in this area? Thanks”

5. The NO truck from New York

"No" truck photo as posted by an anonymous member of Milton Neighbors

“One might argue that this is not in good form, from the no side. From the various threads I’ve seen, the no side is particularly concerned about traffic and parking in east Milton sq. Yet the no truck is parked in such a fashion that it is blocking access to a precious spot. Seems like an odd choice…”

6. Voting No ain’t so bad… right?

“It’s easy to become confused about what voting No on February 13th will and will not accomplish. It’s tempting to simply see this as a way to strike back at an unpopular state mandate, but it’s important to consider what will actually happen next.”

7. Density distribution

“This is not a comment on the density in East Milton or disputing any of their concerns. This is only to share what is in the pipeline because the question of distribution of new multi-family units across precincts has come up. This is net new and does not account for existing multi-famly”

8. Ulin Rink questions

Hearing governor Healey is considering immigrant shelters for DCR run by Milton Neighbors.

9. Viva Italia!

“i Neighbors! Talk to me about your favorite experiences traveling in Italy 🇮🇹 . If you had two weeks to travel around, what would you want to be sure to include? We’ve been to Florence, Tuscany, Venice, and the Cinque Terre…”

10. Quiet dining

“Any recommendations for the *quietest* restaurant in the Milton vicinity?”

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