European job market for Americans: What can you expect in 2024?

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European job market for Americans: What can you expect in 2024?

Exploring job opportunities abroad can be both exciting and daunting, especially in a dynamic market like Europe. The job landscape is rapidly evolving, with new roles emerging and competition intensifying. According to LinkedIn’s latest survey, the European job market has witnessed a doubling of competition in the past year, with a plethora of new positions that didn’t exist two decades ago.

As we peer into the upcoming year, the job market shows no signs of slowing down, particularly in sectors such as sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and business development, as forecasted by LinkedIn. In a study analyzing millions of job postings from January 2019 to July 2023, LinkedIn revealed the fastest-growing job titles and highlighted the growing trend of professionals considering job transitions, with two-thirds (67%) of European professionals looking to make a move in the coming months.

To navigate this dynamic landscape and gain insights into what American job seekers can expect in 2024, we’ve partnered with experts from the renowned job aggregator Jooble. Together, we’ll delve into the most promising sectors in the European job market and uncover opportunities and challenges awaiting American professionals looking to work across the Atlantic.

European Job Market Demands In 2024

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These are some of the jobs where advanced personnel are required when it comes to the European job market demands in 2024:


Working in sales and business development is a fantastic chance for people who can interact and collaborate with customers and businesses. Specifically, multinational corporations are often searching for native speakers to cover important roles in this domain. Sales and business development work is starting to stand out as one of the most lucrative industries for foreign workers.

Finance jobs

A job in finance is usually linked with large salaries, but what if, as a specialist in this area, you could relocate to a nation with a flourishing economy in addition to receiving fantastic fees?

Multilingual workers are in high demand for important roles in the accounting and finance industries from multinational firms. There are many work options in Europe, including corporate accounting, financial consultancy, and payroll.

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Advertisement and Marketing

Not only is the sector of digital marketing and advertising one of the most well-liked for remote work, but it has also grown to be highly appealing to foreign nationals. Professionals are drawn to these varied and technologically advanced occupations due to their availability for online employment. Professionals in this area may work anywhere in the globe, which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to move.

Companies may accomplish amazing results with social media and digital advertising, thus employers are actively seeking competent individuals in this field. Given the global audience of worldwide businesses, proficiency in other languages is especially necessary when developing content for many nations.

HR department

Businesses require a capable human resources department to both acquire new hires and manage the growth and well-being of current workers.

Working in the HR department might be the ideal option if you like interacting with people and have a goal of working for overseas employers. International businesses aggressively seek out experts from around the globe for their HR departments, and they particularly value applicants who know other languages.

Selecting this line of employment as an expat allows you to put your language abilities to use by assisting people in locating their ideal job overseas, setting up training sessions for their professional growth, or fostering a positive work environment at the workplace.

Customer support jobs

Client service has become one of the most famous ventures for expats, where there is an overwhelming interest in local speakers. In enormous organizations, exceptional consideration is paid to the nature of client care, and for this reason, worldwide groups are framed that communicate in various dialects, ensuring a singular methodology.

Working in client service isn’t just an extraordinary obligation yet in addition a task that permits you to keep a harmony between your expert and individual life. This area frequently offers adaptable working hours and an incredible advantages bundle.

Wrapping up

Now you have a basic idea about what jobs are important in Europe when it comes to 2024. Make sure to choose the job that fits your level of expertise. Jobs that require more experience tend to pay significantly more in Europe when it comes to the pay rate.

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