Superintendent releases updates for April 30, 2024

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Superintendent releases updates for April 30, 2024

Dear MPS Community,

We are now in full swing with spring upon us, concerts and events at peak intensity, and learning in full gear in Milton Public Schools! Thank you for your involvement at the many activities and events over the course of these last months, which are a huge part of what makes our schools so vibrant and alive.

I also want to thank you for all that you’ve shared over the course of this year, both your vision of what makes us a strong district, and your perspective of what we can do to strengthen our schools and our student outcomes. All of that investment in forging the vision of what MPS can be is found in the recently shared MPS Priority Report. Over the last two months, this report has been central to the work of creating an Implementation Plan that will guide our work in the years ahead.

In the final weeks of this academic year, we’ll be engaging the community again to discuss the Priority Report and the construction of our Implementation Plan. We are planning a Building Our Future informal gathering for a weeknight sometime in the next several weeks. This event will be an opportunity to engage with MPS leaders involved in creating the Implementation Plan and to share your perspective and listen and learn from others as we hone in on our direction. Please look for more information coming directly from your principal for a time and location.

Enjoy all that the month ahead will bring, and thank you for being a part of MPS!

With gratitude,

Peter Burrows, D.Ed.


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