Public Notices: New Town Hall Traffic Pattern

Milton Scene Public NoticeMilton Scene Public Notice
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In a joint effort to make the parking and walking areas around Town Hall safer for all pedestrians, and to make the facility more handicap accessible, the Town Traffic Commission and the Board of Selectmen have endorsed circulation changes to the traffic pattern around Town Hall. Starting at the end of July, 2015 the new traffic flow and the driveways around Town Hall will be designed as one way so that the traffic pattern is more efficient and safer for all. The U.S. Postal Mail Box, and Federal Express Container will also be relocated by the end of July to the east side of the facility where it is more accessible to those with mobility issues. The plan of the new traffic flow pattern is below for your review. We appreciated your support.

From the Town of Milton

Milton Town Hall - new traffic pattern

Milton Town Hall – new traffic pattern

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