Walter Timilty Urges Veto of Baker Budget, Supports Full Day Kindergarten

First day of Kindergarten at CollicotFirst day of Kindergarten at Collicot
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From Walter F. Timilty:

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, the Full-Day Kindergarten program was level-funded by the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Conference Committee at the Fiscal Year 2015 level of $18,589,713.

Governor Baker’s veto, reduced the 2016 Budget Conference Committee’s funding-level for line-item 7030-1002 by $17,589,713: from the aforementioned $18,589,713 down to $1,000,000.

As such, attached, is my most recent communication to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Robert DeLeo, requesting that we initiate, in the House of Representatives, a veto override, in response to Governor Charlie Baker’s, FY16 Budget veto, relative to the issue of Kindergarten Expansion Grants, line-item 7030-1002.

In my estimation, an override of the gubernatorial veto of line-item 7030-1002 will ensure that Full-Day Kindergarten continues to both expand and flourish in the Commonwealth.


Walter Timilty

-From the Office of State Representative Walter F. Timilty

View Representative Timilty’s communication to Speaker DeLeo requesting that the House of Representatives initiate a veto override of Governor Charlie Baker’s FY16 Budget veto. (pdf)

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  1. Kindred Spirit | July 29, 2015 at 8:20 am | Reply

    This has been so worrisome, we are grateful that we have a dedicated representative who works tirelessly on behalf of all, We know you care Rep. Walter Timilty and we appreciate your steadfast support and advocacy. Thank you.

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