Concerned about plane traffic and noise in Milton?

Airplane flying in the skyAirplane flying in the sky
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Voice your concerns face-to-face to Milton’s Selectmen about the town’s growing plane issues.

Are you disturbed by airplane noise or concerned about its health impacts?

Massport and the FAA want to put more even planes over Milton very soon. It’s IMPORTANT to voice your concerns to local officials tonight. We are day 12 of consecutive planes noise and pollution (due to BLANS testing) and this may become the norm if we don’t act fast. If you’re short on time, just stop by for the Citizen’s Speak portion (#5)  – see agenda below.

Be heard during the Citizen’s Speak portion at Tuesday night’s (Sept. 29) Board of Selectman meeting at Milton Town Hall, 7 p.m.

Sept 29 plane noise meeting agenda

Sept 29 plane noise meeting agenda

Milton’s new CAC rep (liaison between the town and Logan) will be presenting and available to connect with residents.

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