Want to know more about the technology that affects Milton’s air traffic?

Plane underbellyPlane underbelly
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NextGen, U.S. DOT Edward L. Bolton Jr., Assistant Administrator, Speaks at Volpe

Leveraging Opportunities: Modernizing Our National Airspace System in an Evolving Environment

Want to know more about the FAA’s NextGen Technology?

Have you noticed a change in air traffic overhead? Low-flying plane after plane after plane — as if the pilots each have their GPS device set to follow the same path?  If so, you already understand one feature of the FAA’s NextGen technology – a switch from radar to a GPS-based aviation control system.

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, noon – 1 p.m., grab your sandwich and sign in to the Volpe seminar/webinar with Edward L. Bolton Jr., assistant administrator for NextGen at U.S. DOT to learn more about NextGen topics, including cybersecurity, commercial space, and unmanned aircraft.
This seminar/webinar is FREE to attend but you must register first.

Would you like to attend in person?

Please RSVP to Ellen Bell, director of Strategic Initiatives for Research and Innovation, at [email protected].

These events will be held at:

Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center
U.S. Department of Transportation
55 Broadway – Kendall Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Register now!


If you want to know more or talk about the air traffic in Milton, please contact Cindy L. Christiansen, Milton’s Logan CAC Representative, 617-322-9323, [email protected].

For more information about Milton and Planes, check out the town website: www.townofmilton.org/Public_Documents/MiltonMA_BComm/ML/ML

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