Holbrook waste transfer station a no-go

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Timilty leads efforts to oppose proposed waste transfer station.

Representative Walter F. Timilty is pleased to announce that Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner, Martin Suuberg, has issued a negative site-suitability determination regarding the TLA-Holbrook LLC’s application to establish a waste-transfer station in the Town of Holbrook, adjacent to the Town of Randolph.  Representative Timilty led the efforts to oppose this application, amassing an unprecedented, broad-based coalition of elected and appointed officials, united in its opposition to this plan.  This coalition included representatives from many communities in Norfolk County.  Joining Timilty in this successful opposition was State Representative Bruce J. Ayers, State Representative Mark J. Cusack, State Representative William C. Galvin, Randolph Town Councilor Bill Alexopoulos, Randolph Town Manager David Murphy, Randolph Assistant Town Manager Brian Howard, Randolph Police Chief Bill Pace, Avon Town Administrator Francis Crimmins, and other local officials.

During the several meetings convened to discuss the concerns, related to this proposal, Representative Timilty, in conjunction with Representatives Bruce Ayers, Mark Cusack and William Galvin, raised the alarming fact that a waste- transfer station, located adjacent to an E.P.A. “Superfund” site, would cause an unmitigated environmental disaster and create an abundance of deleterious effects for the citizens of Norfolk County.  In his efforts, Timilty, also, conducted two separate viewings of the proposed site, illustrating the alarming public health impact this proposal would have on Holbrook, Randolph, Avon, Braintree, and Norfolk County as a whole.

In a communication to Commissioner Suuberg, Timilty stressed the importance of, personally, viewing the proposed transfer station site prior to making a decision, regarding the pending waste-transfer station application.  Commissioner Suuberg viewed the site on September 2nd.

Commenting on the negative site-suitability determination issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, Timilty stated, “I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues, Representatives Bruce Ayers, Mark Cusack, Bill Galvin, and Randolph Town Councilor Bill Alexopoulos, Randolph Town Manager David Murphy, Randolph Assistant Town Manager Brian Howard, and Avon Town Administrator Francis Crimmins, along with the other elected and appointed local officials that assisted me in our campaign to thwart the TLA-Holbrook LLC Municipal Solid Waste-Transfer Station, in the Town of Holbrook.  Through our steadfast and unwavering efforts, we have ensured that the communities surrounding the proposed site of the transfer station will not be negatively impacted by the numerous and deleterious bi-products of a waste-transfer station.”

-From the Office of State Representative Walter F. Timilty

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