Controlled deer hunt begins Nov. 30 in the Blue Hills

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Shared from the Milton Police Department on Facebook.

Deer hunt begins November 30

Tomorrow morning (November 30), DCR will intiate their controlled deer hunt in the Blue Hills Reservation. There will be 98 shotgun hunters broken into several designated hunting zones that begin in the Fowl Meadow on the Hyde Park Line, and extend across nearly all of the Blue Hills Reservation property in Milton to Houghtons Pond, Chickatawbut and over to the Quincy line.

We understand very well they are differing views about this hunt. Our role is to team with our state and local law enforcement partners to ensure that everyone remains safe. MPD will have a supervsor assigned to a Unified Command Center with DCR each day. We will monitor this operation very closely.

There is NO Shotgun hunting on ANY Town owned land, nor can any property owner allow shotgun hunting on Private land. This special permit hunt is lmited strictly to the designated DCR zone.

If you have any problems, please notify us right away.

Additional information on this DCR initiative may be found at

Map of Blue Hills Hunting Area:

Map of Hunting Area


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