Milton Neighbors attendance at FAA meeting encouraged by Logan CAC representative Cindy Christiansen

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Logan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Representative Cindy Christiansen encourages Milton Residents to attend  Dec. 3 meeting with FAA and Massport

Letter to the Editor:

We have waited years for this meeting. Let’s show our commitment to finding solution to the growing plane issues by crowding Congressman Stephen F. Lynch’s public forum with the FAA and Massport. The meeting takes place on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Milton High School auditorium located at 25 Gile Road.

A large crowd will send the message to the FAA, Massport, and our representatives that Milton residents’ quality of life and health is severely affected by the number, altitude, pollution, and persistence of the planes that overfly our town. The meeting is open to residents of all communities affected by airplane noise and pollution, so encourage friends and relatives from neighboring towns to attend too.

Most of the two-hour program, hosted by Congressman Lynch, will consist of questions and answers. Come with your questions and help us get solutions, explanations, and the FAA’s and Massport’s help to solving our airplane noise and pollution problems swiftly.

Sleep deprivation and agitation from constant airplane noise sometimes makes it difficult to keep one’s cool, but even if the roar of jet engines saturate our skies that day, let’s strive for a respectful and informative exchange that focuses on our problems and their solutions.

Please attend and let your voice be heard! (I suggest arriving by 6:30 p.m. to ensure your spot)

Cindy L. Christiansen
Logan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Representative, Milton
[email protected]

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