Milton residents take on air traffic issues

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Concerned Milton residents organize information session to address the many adverse effects of increased plane traffic

A group of concerned Milton residents have announced that they will hold an information and strategy session for other citizens to learn more about how these ‘highways in the sky’ affect health, school environments and property values. The meeting will be held on Thursday, October 22, at 7 p.m. at Milton’s Cunningham Hall located at 75 Edge Hill Road.

A knowledgeable panel will educate attendees about the growing plane traffic issue and its associated pollution, health, public safety and noise impacts that affect the quality of life for its 27,000 residents. Additionally, there will be opportunity for residents to take action against the threat of more planes and to help reduce the current traffic.

This meeting is the result of several factors:

  • The town’s two new flights, bringing the total to five, is the FAA/Massport’s preparation of a looming and dramatic increase of arrival planes by mid-2016. Milton now has more flight paths than any other town in New England. Also, the economic and health ramifications of low-flying jets over tree tops are not sustainable or healthy.
  • Recent scientific literature and environmental health research in connects with living under or near flight paths to increased health risks in adults and children.
  • A recent air traffic survey conducted by the Milton Scene showed that 84% of residents are concerned with plane traffic, noise and health effects and 605 residents think that town officials should be doing more.

How you can help:

Cunningham Hall has capacity of 100 people and we encourage residents to come to the meeting on time.


Cunningham Hall is across from the Collicot School at 75 Edge Hill Road

Cunningham Hall is across from the Collicot School at 75 Edge Hill Road

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