Milton Neighbors’ generosity continues for second local family affected by fire

Milton family affected by fireMilton family affected by fire
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8 year old hero and siblings in need

On Thursday, December 17, two Hudson Street families lost everything during a fire which engulfed both apartments, located in a two-family Milton home.

According to the GoFundMe page set up on December 19 for the downstairs family, “8 year old Mariana ran for help when the stove burst into flames, at her Hudson Street home. Luckily she and the upstairs neighbors all made it to safety.

Now Mariana, brother Alejandro, and twin brothers Lucas and Daniel are in the custody of their older half-siblings, sisters Michelle, Danielle, and Katy, all in their twenties.

They have nothing. No clothes, no shoes, no toys, no Christmas things. The children and young women need our help. Let’s give them Christmas.”

Within 3 hours, nearly $500 was raised for the family.

Interested in donating?

Visit the GoFundMe page:

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