U.S. Rep. Lynch pushes “Quiet Skies” provision

Save Milton Skies from Air Traffic and PlanesSave Milton Skies from Air Traffic and Planes
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BOSTON, MA – The recent Omnibus bill passed in Congress and signed by President Obama included language that requires the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to increase community engagement. The provision states that “not later than 60 days after enactment of this Act, the Administrator shall review and update the agency’s ‘Community Involvement Manual’ related to new air traffic procedures, public outreach and community involvement: Provided further, That the Administrator shall complete and implement a plan which enhances community involvement techniques and proactively addresses concerns associated with performance based navigation projects.”

Following passage of the Omnibus including the “quiet skies” provision, Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (D–Boston) released the following statement:

“The families who live in the neighborhoods and towns surrounding Logan Airport have struggled to have their concerns about airplane noise heard by the FAA for a long time. Thanks to the efforts of our Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus, Congress is trying to hold the FAA accountable by mandating that the FAA update their community involvement strategy and report back to Congress on these important changes. The lack of public outreach from the FAA has been a significant issue for residents of the 8th Congressional District and communities across the country. This new provision will ensure that the FAA is more responsive.  It gives us more leverage in dealing with the FAA.

And to all the 600 or so good people who sat through our 3-1/2 hour FAA forum at Milton High School, I would say that this is because of your involvement and it’s a step forward on the road to a better and healthier environment for the people who live and work near Logan Airport. This is progress.”             

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