View Milton air traffic and file a complaint in a few easy steps

Milton Airt Traffic map
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Tired of the planes in Milton?

Milton air traffic has been on the rise over the past few years, with the implementation of the FAA’s NextGen program.

For example, from December 1-8, 2015, Milton had arrivals (to the Runways 4R/L) or departures (from R27) over our town for 6 days (75% of the 8 days).

Are you fed up with the plane noise?

Now, you can easily view where planes are in Milton (over your home, maybe?), and file a complaint. Simply scroll down to the bottom this or any page on the Milton Scene, and you will see this:

If you click on File a Complaint, you will be redirected to the MassPort site for complaints (first time users will need to register).

Related: Who to contact about FAA air traffic complaints.

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