Katie Conlon Seeks Re-Election to Milton Board of Selectmen

Katie ConlonKatie Conlon
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A message from Katie Conlon:

Katie Conlon

Katie Conlon

I am grateful to the voters for entrusting me with a seat on the Board of Selectmen three years ago.  Today, I ask for your support as I run for re-election to help keep our Town moving forward.

My top three priorities will be to guide the Board of Selectmen’s transition to a policy-making board; to hire a top-notch manager to succeed our dedicated Town Administrator when she retires later this year; and to advance the goals of our new Master Plan.

Milton’s government is on the cusp of significant change.  Our Town Administrator will soon be empowered with the duties of a strong CEO.  As a candidate three years ago, I supported this change.  Together with my colleagues on the Board of Selectmen and members of the Town Government Study Committee, I have worked hard to make a strong Town Administrator a reality in Milton.  Through my past service on the boards of directors of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton, Fuller Village and The Cunningham Foundation, I have the experience necessary to help lead the Board’s transition to its new role as overseer and policy-maker.

Our Town has made good strides in recent years.  Strong financial management helped us weather a slow growing economy and maintain our AAA bond rating.  We’ve reinstated long-term financial planning.  New restaurants have opened and efforts are underway to bring much-needed parking and traffic improvements to East Milton Square.  Milton is fortunate to have excellent schools and public safety resources, a first-rate hospital, a new library and business districts that are being revitalized.

Yet there is still much to do.  We need to manage our budget creatively to achieve greater consolidation; redevelop the Hendries site; diversify our tax base by promoting smart and strategic commercial growth; create affordable housing options for young people and seniors; fight for an equitable distribution of air traffic; and rebuild our fire stations and DPW yard.

I am the Selectmen’s representative to a committee that will soon begin working proactively to implement Milton’s Master Plan, the product of a two-year community effort that set long-term strategic goals for our future.  Having stood with residents impacted by potential large development projects during the past three years, I am committed to fostering economic development and moving Milton forward in a manner that preserves its special character for future generations.

During the past three years, I have worked to build consensus and collaborate with other boards, such as the Planning Board on the Hendries project and Milton’s affordable housing plan and the School Committee and the Warrant Committee on the budget.  If re-elected, I will continue to work collaboratively with other boards to ensure that our government operates efficiently and Milton remains one of the best communities in which to live.

I seek re-election for the same reason that I ran for Selectman in 2013: to serve the town in which I have been fortunate to spend most of my life and in which many of my family and friends live.

I seek re-election for the same reason that I ran for Selectman in 2013:  to serve the town in which I have been fortunate to spend most of my life and in which many of my family and friends live.  If re-elected, I will continue to be guided in all matters by what is in the best interests of Milton.  It would be a privilege to serve the residents of Milton as a member of the Board of Selectmen for a second term.  I respectfully ask Milton’s voters for their trust and their vote on April 26 and will continue working hard to earn both.

For more information, please email [email protected], follow the campaign on Facebook (Katie Conlon for Selectman), and visit our website at: www.katieconlonforselectman.com.



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  1. Elizabeth Thomas | February 12, 2016 at 3:07 pm | Reply

    Milton prides itself on being a town where residents are passionate, dedicated and committed to causes that benefit all. It is without question that Selectman Conlon is one who dedicates her time, talents and energy for the betterment of us all in Milton. Thank you Selectman Conlon for your steadfast dedication, Milton is rich because of your commitment and together with my family you have our unwavering support as you seek reelection, It is with gratitude we sat THANK YOU for the work you have done and we look forward to your continued efforts here in Milton.

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