Over 1000 sign Milton air traffic petition; Town meets with FAA

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The Milton air traffic petition went online about three months ago and has now received over 1,000 signatures. The petition is in response to the Federal Aviation Authority’s (FAA) NextGen satellite technology, which condenses traffic in and out of airports into concentrated paths. The often nonstop traffic over these paths inundates those wh0 live directly beneath them with noise and thick, potent pollution.

The Milton Scene was pleased to learn that CAC Representative Cindy Christiansen and Milton ANAC (Airplane Noise Advisory Committee) Chair Andy Schmidt, along with Board of Selectmen Chairman, Katie Conlon, met on Friday, June 17 with FAA New England Regional Administrator Amy Corbett and FAA New England Deputy Regional Administrator Todd Friedenberg to discuss the negative effects of NextGen over Milton. The meeting was briefly discussed during the June 22 Board of Selectmen meeting (approximately minute 37).

“I think it was congenial and I hope that it opens dialogue going forward.” –Milton Town Administrator Annemarie Fagan

Milton Town Administrator Annemarie Fagan described the meeting as “congenial” and is hoping that it will be the “first of many successor meetings and an open dialogue going forward” with the FAA. Milton representatives articulated their concerns with NextGen and the air traffic over Milton. Fagan described FAA Administrator Amy Corbett as “intently listening” to the Town’s concerns and she believes that the FAA “does want to try to find some solutions,” but was unsure as to when these solutions would be put into place. Fagan  stated that the group would be following up with a letter to the Board of Selectman outlining what was discussed during the meeting, so as to get all air traffic concerns on the record.



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