William Brokhof to run for Town Meeting Member

William BrokhofWilliam Brokhof
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My name is William Brokhof and I am running for Town Meeting Member of Precinct 1.

I’m a 42 year old dad and I have a wonderful daughter, Vitoria, and a handsome dog, Otto. I am a sole proprietor and have practiced real estate locally for 17 years. My online reviews speak volumes as to my integrity, work ethic, and professionalism.

I am an environmental activist and a firm proponent of conservation of our natural resources. My daughter and I moved here, in significant part, because of the Pope’s Pond Conservation Area. It is a wonderful natural wildland and my fondness for it led to the founding of the Friends of Pope’s Pond. I have been working hard to organize neighbors and meet with the Conservation Commission to come up with a sustainable stewardship plan. This includes a new proposal to build a bridge crossing at the south end of the pond at Peverly Park, creating a complete circuit trail around the conservation area.

I am extremely enthusiastic at the prospect of representing the interests of our neighborhood. I will research the issues carefully, and when necessary, defend a position at the Town Meeting. I take this position very seriously, and I intend to have perfect attendance. One can’t vote if he or she is not present. You should know that there are elected members who have NEVER attended a meeting.

I want to make sure your voice gets heard. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts on how we can improve our neighborhood. Email [email protected] or call 617-828-7956.

Get out the vote April 25th, 2017 at the Tucker School!

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