Zinkerz is offering free lessons for the SAT®!

Zinkerz is offering free lessons for the SAT!Zinkerz is offering free lessons for the SAT!
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Free SAT lessons offered to Milton Neighbors

Ed-tech start-up Zinkerz Inc. has recently upgraded their test preparation services for the SAT®.

For a limited time, you can sign up for a free trial of this online software and claim one free lesson with Zinkerz Online Educators (ZOE) at www.zinkerz.com.

With passionate teachers, experienced standardized test specialists, expert data scientists, and innovative software designers, the Zinkerz Online Platform for the SAT® supports a test preparation curriculum engineered to adapt to each student’s needs through its advanced score tracking analysis. Now students are able to access online prep for the SAT® that is both tailored to individual needs and cost-effective. Zinkerz prides itself in its commitment to designing educational technology that supports individualized learning and enhances personal connections between students and their educators.

Email [email protected] and use promo code ZINKERZMILTON to claim a Free Lesson and visit www.zinkerz.com to see how Zinkerz’s personalized software can work for you.

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