Walking stick workshop to be hosted by Mass Audubon

Boy with hiking stickBoy with hiking stick
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Mass Audubon to hold walking stick workshop for kids

Walking Stick Workshop
Saturday, September 2, 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Ages 8 and up.
Registration Required: http://www.massaudubon.org/get-outdoors/program-catalog#program:sanctuary=1:program_code=53598
$ 30 M/$ 36 NM

Do you have a walking stick for your walks and adventures? Perhaps you know someone who would enjoy one for a holiday gift? Join teacher/naturalist Vinny Milone to uniquely decorate an unfinished walking stick for future excursions. Class participants can paint and decorate sticks with bursts of color, or enhance the natural beauty of the wood with stains and finishes.

Program fee includes an unfinished hiking stick, decorating materials, workshop time, and an optional hike.

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