Do you get “Friend Requests” on Facebook from good looking strangers?

military scam on facebook
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by Melissa Fassel Dunn.

Do you get “Friend Requests” on Facebook from good looking strangers?

I do. Weekly. Usually they are wearing some sort of military garb. Like this one:

military scam on facebook

As I jokingly shared the image below on my own Facebook page with the caption “Not today, Musa!” on my own Facebook page, a friend commented, “Honestly, someone must fall for it.”

military scam on facebook

And then I remembered, I know people who have fallen for stuff like this…

Smart people. The deal is, they become friends, and then the messaging starts… and maybe a sob story or two.

They draw their victims in, and then ask for money.

So yes, it happens – some people do fall for this.

I did a google search on “Musa’s” image and found these results. Poor David Dosier…

When you get a friend request, consider who you are responding to:

  • Do you know the person?
  • Do you have any friends in common?
  • Is this person even real? Google them, check out their friends, and try to ascertain if their pictures are real.
  • Have they sent you odd links or attachments? This could be malware.
  • Any other odd behavior or posts on their wall?
  • How to search

For example, does any of this compute…?

The guy is in the U.S. army, has no friends, and went to FCG Maiduguri and Yobe State University, both in Nigeria? Mmm hmmm…..


military scam on facebook

If you’d like to see if the fake profile pictures were stolen, check out this how-to article:

Find related images with reverse image search

Be wicket smaht, neighbors! Don’t friend guys like this. Even if…

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