Top Milton Neighbors posts, July ’23

Top Milton Neighbors posts, July '23. Screenshot of example posts
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Top Milton Neighbors posts, July ’23

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts were last month?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past month.

1. Crowd pleasin’ food wanted!

I just called pats pizza to place an order for a grad party this weekend. ** but they are closed for vacation starting Thursday **
Looking to keep it simple- wraps, mozz sticks, chicken fingers, salad
What places to ppl like for east crowd pleasing food- nothing fancy?

Check out the post for some great recommendations!

2. Whose hypothetical fault is a broken pipe, anyway?

“Question: I just had Boston Drain come out. They had me sign a waiver stating that if they broke the pipe, they would not be liable for the subsequent damage. Is that normal? Is this something that all companies do now? I don’t remember having to sign a waiver in the past.”

3. How do we get rid of this groundhog?


“We have a groundhog who has moved into our yard and is digging tunnels and burrows. I don’t want to hurt him but are we allowed to try to catch him and relocate him? Not quite sure what to do but would like him to move to the Blue Hills … any advice?”

4. To the windoooow, to the wall! Are these Anderson windows worth it?

“Has anyone used Renewal by Andersen to replace their windows? Had a rep come out and give an estimate. They are priced high! Wondering if it is worth the investment or are there other options out there that are the same quality but less expensive? Thanks!”

5. Neighbor really REALLY hates the dentist and need help!

“Hello! I’m in my 20s and I have a severe phobia of going to the dentist. It’s been 5+ years since I’ve gone but I know I have to eventually. I care about my teeth, but the anxiety and panic I get even thinking about it is just so bad. Does anyone know of a dentist/practice that specializes in patients that have dental phobia, or that uses sedation? Any leads would be appreciated, especially if you or someone you know has gone and recommend them! thank you 😊

6. Bunnies are uninvited tenants

“I’m pretty sure bunnies are making a home in my yard. It’s bunny sized and I’ve seen one bringing grass inside.
What do I do now? 😬”

7. Just… how bad is getting to Boston Logo right now?

“Has anyone driven into the airport with the summer tunnel closed? Any tips on how to get in? TIA!”

8. An especially excellent MEME MONDAY collection from July 24

meme monday

9. More BOS tunnel closure airport advice – including ferries!

“Good morning. Given the tunnel closure, does anyone have recent experience on travel to the airport? We have a 7pm flight on the 6th. Might it be better to get a ride into Boston and then take the silver line from South Station?”

10. More complaints about awful LG front loading washers

“I’m not sure who I would be looking for but… my LG front loader smells horrible and I’ve tried every trick on the Internet… I think the rubber lining needs to be replaced but not sure… who fixes those kinds of things?”

(Did you miss our LG Washer review? Check it out. And then don’t buy it.)

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