February Special Town Meeting summary – 5 out of 6 articles approved

Milton Town Meeting Update
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by Timika Downes.

February Special Town Meeting articles summary – 5 out of 6 approved

Special Town Meeting took place February 25 – 26. Here is a summary of the articles:

Article 1 – Fire Station Building Committee

Appropriation of $2.7M architectural/engineering design for a New FIRE headquarters and two fire substations and a project manager was approved by unanimous vote. Ryan Walsh, Chairman of the Fire Station Building Committee. Phase 1 costs are expected to range between $700,000 to $800,000. Phase 1 will include further planning related to site locations, design, etc, and those findings and updates will be presented at the Fall Town Meeting. This motion was Unanimously Approved.

Article 2 – Transfer of Kidder Branch Library Property

The Kidder Branch Library, located at 101 Blue Hills Parkway, was generously gifted to the Town Library Trustees on July 13 1928 by Nathaniel Kidder. Currently , the building is costing the town more to maintain than the revenues generated by the building The building has not been used as a Library for 26 years, but is being used by Discovery School House – a Private Non Profit Organization Preschool. Motion to refer this article back to the Town Library Trustees for further discussion was Unanimously Approved.

Article 3 – Amend Zoning Bylaws (Setbacks and Height – Great Estate PUD)

Discrepancies in May 2017 zoning laws related to the Great Estate PUD plans were discussed and amended to better reflect intended bylaws. This motion was Unanimously Approved.

Article 4 – Amend Zoning Bylaws (Traffic Impact Mitigation)

Interesting points were made talking to issues from locations of parking for employees to fund mobilization for traffic studies for the Town. Motion to refer this article back to the Town Planning Board for further discussion Unanimously Approved.

Article 5 – Application of Bond Premium

This article affects the way bond premiums received by the Town are treated. This change is due to a State Law change. This motion was Unanimously Approved.

Article 6 – Authorize Moderator to Appoint School Building Committee

Town Meeting members voted this past week to approve the formation of a 9 member School Building Committee. The new committee will be appointed by the Town moderator, and will include 9 members total.The School Building Committee will be tasked with “…planning the construction, alteration, renovation, remodeling and furnishing of school buildings.” During the presentation of Article 6, attention was paid to the outpaced population growth, the possible short and long term solutions to overcrowding, and to considerations around debt burden and cost. See also: School Building Committee (Article 6) approved at Feb. Special Town Meeting

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