Erin Bradley announces candidacy for Milton Select Board

Erin Bradley
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Erin Bradley announces candidacy for Milton Select Board

I love our town.

We all live here for various reasons: tree lined streets, proximity to Boston, great schools, diversity, the small-town feel. For me, this is the community I had always dreamed of raising my family, whether I’m watching my 7th grade son and his group of friends bike all over town or seeing my daughter receive her diploma in the sea of red. I want every resident to feel at home here, with a sense of security and belonging.

That is why I am running for Select Board.

I am the only candidate with actual hands-on experience working in state government on budgets and policies. I have learned how to bring people together to tackle issues that cross the legislative, judicial and executive branches, and I have succeeded in passing legislation that was supported across party lines. I am the only candidate who has managed and grown multiple non-profit agencies with decades of leadership experience and fierce advocacy.

In order to create our best Milton, there are three initiatives that I would like to lead as a member of the Select Board.

1. Strategic Planning: We need to establish a 5-year plan for our town incorporating new innovative ideas from those working in our departments and elected committees to bring the town smart, proportional development. We need to create new streams of income for Milton so that we don’t rely on an override every 5 years. We need to start from a positive idea of where our town can go and build on this with an experienced town administrator who can implement our plan and achieve our goals.

2. Investing in Schools: All of our students should thrive in their classrooms with their peers and have opportunities to find their passion. The school overcrowding is at a breaking point and it’s impacting our children – we need a new school that allows our children to grow. Our schools are our town’s backbone and the foundation of our community, the reason many families move here and our home values increase. It is time we invest in them again and in our children’s future.

3. Transparency: A transparent government is a healthy, thriving government. We should be able to know how our Town Meeting Members are voting and see who’s applied for volunteer committees to ensure fair representation. Being able to contact our elected officials with a phone call or email is part of the access we need. These are easy ways to connect with each other and initiatives that are within our grasp to implement.

Having served on our Warrant Committee for the past five years, I know the pressing issues facing our town and budget. We need to bring every voice in our community and every idea to Town Hall, for an inclusive, strategic, transparent government that meets the needs of our citizens. I can’t do it without your support. I invite you to learn more about me at and I humbly ask for your vote on April 26.


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