Wotiz Gallery to feature artist Kira Seamon throughout March

Paintings of Dedham artist Kira Seamon
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Wotiz Gallery to feature artist Kira Seamon throughout March

Dedham artist Kira Seamon to display her paintings in Wotiz Gallery

During the month of March, Dedham artist Kira Seamon will display her paintings in the Wotiz Gallery at the Milton Public Library. Pursuing her passion for visual art with a cell phone, Kira transforms scenes of New England foliage into brilliant images of dazzling beauty. The award-winning ballet dancer turned photographer attaches a kaleidoscopic lens to her cell phone to “recombine pictures of branches, leaves and flowers into fascinating shapes and colors reminiscent of stained glass.” In Seamon’s widely traveling exhibit, “Stained Glass Sky,” previously displayed at several other Massachusetts libraries, her 40 photos are like Rorschach ink blots that inflame viewers’ imaginations. Seen through her kaleidoscopic lens, a winterberry bush seems ablaze with patterns of incandescent colors suggestive of Impressionist landscapes. In another, the branches and leaves of a Norway maple tree are duplicated in symmetrical patterns of vivid oranges and yellows. As photographed by Seamon, the buds and blades of a bearded iris are reflected in a symmetrical mosaic of delicate botanical anatomy. Kira spent more than 20 years as a ballet dancer and choreographer, earning national and international awards, and she produced and directed productions including her world premiere of “The Tell-Tale Heart” at the Boston Center for the Arts. She joined her family, who had moved to Dedham, in 1998 to pursue her varied artistic interests. “I felt an aching need to be a visual artist,” she said. She has taught herself to use “backlit sunlight” to capture colors that “often aren’t seen with the naked eye.” She stressed her photos’ radiant colors have not been enhanced or manipulated by computer. “Sunlight brings out beautiful colors people don’t usually see,” she said. “Mother Nature does the best Photoshop.” With her striking photos, Seamon has brought that invention alive in new ways. Please stop by the library during March to view this very unique display.

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For more information, go to www.miltonlibrary.org or call Jean Hlady, Reference Department, at 617-698-5757, x.3. The Milton Public Library is located at 476 Canton Avenue.

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