POLL RESULTS: Should Milton’s PILOT participants pay more in taxes?

POLL? Should Milton's PILOT participants pay more in taxes?
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POLL RESULTS: Should Milton’s PILOT participants pay more in taxes?

Here’s how Milton Neighbors voted:

Yes: PILOT programs should pay more in taxes: 85%

No: PILOT programs should not pay more in taxes: 15%

Here’s what Milton Neighbors had to say:

“There is no doubt that they should pay more in taxes. It is unconscionable that we have to even discuss this question.”

“The should be a review and calculation based on the use of town services including EVERY TOWN DEPARTMENT right down to the penny.”

“You can’t only tax the non profits you don’t like. I suspect requiring PILOT payments would devastate many of our smaller houses of worship and would also have a negative impact on the schools and hospital, which employ many Milton residents.”

“… and I would add churches and synagogues to that list.”

“I would leave the hospital out, health care needs to be accessible to all and I feel institutions such as a hospital should be exempt; however the other two institutions should pay.”

“They use all the services …police, fire, EMTs ….so they should START to pay NOW !!!”

“It’s about time they paid real taxes.”

“Build more commercial property, this is all Milton’s fault, not the non-profits.”

“They should contribute more than they do. Probably not the full amount.”

“They should pay considerably more, but not the standard business or residential rates.”

“… why just these three? Why not all tax exempts eg St Agatha’s, St Mary’s, East Congregational, etc.?”

“It would be nice if they did but currently they don’t have to. What would be nice is not wasting money and spending every dime in the budget causing chaos when funding doesn’t come through.”

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