Milton Department of Public Works accepts requests for shade trees

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Milton Department of Public Works accepts requests for shade trees

Put in a request for the planting of shade trees

Are you interested in having a public tree near you?

The Department of Public Works accepts requests for and donations of street trees and shade trees to be placed around Milton.

Trees must be selected only from the attached list prepared by the Milton Shade Tree Advisory Committee. Trees under this program are only planted during the months of September, October, November, and December so long as weather permits.

If you wish to donate a tree, please contact the DPW before making a tree purchase on your own. Not all locations are suitable as a site for tree planting. Several factors are used in determining if your site is suitable or not. Also some tree species may be more suitable than others for your location. To start the evaluation and donation process call the DPW at 617-898-4970.

Click on the file attachment below to see which trees may be selected. When the link opens you can click on the tree species and an image of what that tree species looks like will appear.

To request a tree:

To request a tree, click the link to apply: Tree Request Application Form

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