Trailside Museum to hold family animal tracking adventure

Family Animal Tracking Adventure at Blue Hills Trailside Museum
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Trailside Museum to hold family animal tracking adventure

The event will be held Saturday January 11, 2020 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Audience: Family (suitable for children 6 & up)

Mass Audubon Members: Adult $8.00, Child $8.00

Nonmembers: Adult $10.00, Child $10.00

Have you ever wondered how wild animals survive in winter? Become a “Nature Detective” and learn about “stories in the snow” and many other signs that wildlife leave behind as clues to how and where they travel to find food, water, and shelter. In addition, you will learn about various animal adaptions which help them survive and thrive in harsh conditions. This program begins in the auditorium with a hands-on investigation of animal specimens and artifacts. Then we hike into the forest around Trailside to look for tracks and signs of our local wildlife. Please wear sturdy winter boots and weather-appropriate, layered clothing.

Instructions and Directions: The storm date for this program is Jan. 18.

Registration is required.

Register online or call 617-333-0690 to register by phone.

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