Town of Milton to host public listening session

Public listening meeting to be hosted by the town of milton
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Town of Milton to host public listening session

On Thursday, February 13th at 6:30 pm in the Kelly Community Room at the Council on Aging, The Town of Milton will host a public listening session to let us hear your ideas and comments on a brief presentation summarizing the results of the recently completed MVP Community Resilience Building Workshop. This program is part of the Commonwealth’s Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program, which helps cities and towns prepare for the impacts of climate change.

The Town conducted a Resilience Building workshop over two days in January that resulted in: 1) identification of the top natural and climate related hazards facing the Town, 2) evaluation of strengths and vulnerabilities that exist in the Town in terms of the top hazards; 3) development and prioritization of actions designed to make the Town more resilient to the top hazards today and in the future.

The Town’s MVP Planning Team will integrate your comments and ideas into the MVP Plan Report. Completion of the MVP planning project will make the Town eligible to apply for MVP action project grants from the state to address the City’s key priorities.

Questions and written comments may be directed to Hillary Waite in the Select Board Office at [email protected].

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