East Milton Neighborhood Association: FAQ for East Milton Residences 40B project

East Milton residences faq
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East Milton Neighborhood Association: FAQ for East Milton Residences 40B project

The following was submitted to Select Board by the East Milton Neighborhood Association along with this letter:

Frequently asked questions about the Residences at East Milton

Q: What is The Residences at East Milton Development?

A: A proposed development for 111 apartment units at the corner of Bassett, Franklin and Adams

The proposed development consists of 111 units on 1.09 acres in a business district abutted by residential property: a mix of studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments; approximately 130 parking spaces; amenities such as fitness center, business room, deck lounge and management offices.

Q: Is it true that it creates a lot of affordable units?

A: Some, but only the bare minimum required for a development of this size. The plan includes 28 affordable units.

Q. Is it true that the affordable units will be given to Milton residents?

A. No.

There will be a weighted lottery with consideration to the diversity of applicants’ race and economic need. Applicants will be drawn from the surrounding communities as well.

Q: Will the project generate a lot of traffic?

A: Yes.

The current average speed along Granite Avenue, Adams, Franklin and Bassett Streets at rush hour is X (5???) mph; this project will make it worse.

Q: Is there a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan that will fix the additional traffic

A: No.

Q: Is there enough parking?

A: Maybe, if residents are restricted to one space per unit. There is no specific plan to address parking accommodation of guests and business in the area.

Q: What do neighbors say about similarly proposed projects?

A: There is concern about the scale and scope of a project of this size, including concerns regarding public safety, increased traffic and parking, open/green space, environmental concerns and impact to the already overcrowded schools.

Q: What are some proposed changes?


  1. Conduct traffic studies that cover neighborhood intersections that will be affected by “spillover” traffic when Granite Avenue and Adams, Franklin and Bassett Streets are backed up and conduct a “corridor study” which examines the intersections of the related streets together, not individually.
  2. Scale the project more appropriately for the area, so that it generates less traffic.
  3. If the project could not be scaled down, phase it, so that impact on traffic and school enrollment can be measured against the projections before the whole project is built.
  4. Design changes that better reflect the aesthetics of the neighborhood.
  5. Conduct wetlands/environmental assessment as current neighbors have springs under their existing properties.

Q: What do you hope to achieve?

A: We hope that Falconi Properties and Joseph J. Corcoran Company listen to the neighbors’ concerns and address them by modifying the proposed development so that it can be something that works for everyone, not just their bottom line.

The above was submitted to the Select Board on April 7 by The East Milton Neighborhood Association Board:

Stephen Rines
Christine Morrow
Joe O’Neill
Michael Maholchic
Jessica Costantino
Andy D’Amato
Jerry Touger
Peter Dunn
Bob Kelly
Joe Reardon
Kate Tenforde

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