Good Stuff: Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Good Stuff: Thursday, April 9, 2020

The funny

math funny

The inspirational

Bill Gates is now building factories to produce 7 of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines

“Because our foundation has such deep expertise in infectious diseases, we’ve thought about the epidemic, we did fund some things to be more prepared, like a vaccine effort,” Gates said. “Our early money can accelerate things.”

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The feel good

The entertaining

Have you seen the adventures of Potato the rabbit in Milton Neighbors?

Click here to watch.

potato the rabbit

The artistic – for this Sunday!

We would like to feature some spring-themed artwork from our local kids in this Sunday’s #GoodStuff edition of The Milton Scene. To participate, snap a photo of your child’s artwork with optional name and age (it will be shared), and email it to [email protected] by Friday, April 10th!

kids art

The yummy

Not sure what to eat? How about “Silly Dinner” with the easiest crepe recipe of all time?


I don my beret, throw all the ingredients in the blender, and voila! Breakfast for dinner

Check out the recipe here:

The Milton Scene will be posting “good stuff” to help keep Milton Neighbors’ spirits up during the crisis.

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