Letter to the Editor: 300 units or bust!

In this Letter to the Editor, the writer passionately argues for achieving the goal of 300 units. They emphasize the urgency and determination behind their statement "300 units or bust!
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Letter to the Editor: 300 units or bust!

Dear Editor:

Erica Campbell, Milton ResidentI am a resident of Milton, specifically East Milton Square.

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the lack of enormous, population-dense, traffic-disrupting, generally monstrous buildings in the square.

Yes, we have a few two-story buildings, but what fun is that?

Wouldn’t we be much better off with a twelve-story out-of-character behemoth, hopefully with inadequate parking?

Something blissfully shoved down the entire neighborhood’s throat? Something that would also contribute to the gridlock that plagues the square?

Just imagine! Our already packed schools could *really* have the scales tipped! Whoever said 35+ student classrooms is not compatible with teaching is just crazy. The more, the merrier!

One can only wish for a developer to come up with an ideal plan… fingers crossed!

300 units or bust!

Erica Campbell
Real East Milton Resident

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