Milton Police Log: April 10-16, 2020

milton police log
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Milton Police Log: April 10 – 16, 2020

04/10/2020 10:54 AMOR ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reports she found a surveillance device on her home.

04/10/2020 15:50 BLUE HILL AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Detail officer was flagged down by a taxi driver in MA reg 6450 reporting fare evasion. Officer spoke to all parties involved and reported arrangements were made to resolve the issue.

04/10/2020 17:14 SCHOOL STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports receiving a suspicious e-mail. Officer advised the caller of her options.

04/10/2020 19:26 ALVIN AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Caller reported her neighbor’s door was wide open. Officer reported he spoke to the homeowners and everything was all set.

04/10/2020 20:34 VOSE HILL ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported SP activity on his surveillance cameras

04/11/2020 03:22 VOSEHILL ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the above area. Officer located the vehicle in question MA Reg 2NC529. Operator was delivering newspapers. Call satisfied. See person screen.

04/11/2020 15:18 GILE ROAD Youth/Disturbance

Caller reports large group on the football field drinking liquor. Officers reports parties were of legal age but advised they cannot drink in public areas.

04/11/2020 16:11 POND STREET Accident – H&R CASE REPORT

See report.

04/11/2020 17:05 SPAFFORD ROAD Animal Complaint

Caller reports possibly sick raccoon on their back porch. Officer reports raccoon was moved off the resident’s property. Caller satisfied.

04/11/2020 17:22 BROOK ROAD Suspicious Activity CASE REPORT

Walk in party reports possible hate crime. See report.

04/11/2020 21:00 GRANITE AVENUE Larceny CASE REPORT

Caller reports he was selling a pair of sneakers and the party who was suppose to buy them took off in a white Honda without paying. Officer reports searching the area for the vehicle with negative results. See report.

04/12/2020 01:12 ADAMS STREET Suspicious Activity

Caller reports 2 suspicious vehicles parked in the back parking lot for about 10 minutes. Officer the vehicles have been sent on their way.

04/12/2020 04:26 BLUE HILL AVENUE Accident – P/D CASE REPORT

Caller reports a motor vehicle accident of a vehicle into a tree, vehicle then attempted to continue on down the roadway. Officers report a vehicle with Ma reg 17AE74 with a flat tire parked off to the side of the road. Operator made their own arrangement for her own tow. Officer to write report on the next tour on duty.

04/12/2020 10:48 BROOKSIDE PARK B&E M/V

Caller reports a passed B&E to his motor vehicle. MA reg 9635PN. See report.

04/12/2020 12:03 ELIOT STREET Neighbor Disturbance

911 Caller reported he got into an argument with the restaurant manger. Officer reported the argument was over loud music. The music was turned off and restaurant was closing for the day. Caller satisfied.

04/12/2020 16:24 BROOKSIDE PARK Larceny CASE REPORT

ICaller reports a past B&E to her vehicle in the overnight hours. Officer reports no items were taken from the vehicle, only rummaged
through. Patrol request placed in DHQ. See Report.

04/12/2020 18:26 VOSE HILL ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller believes she see a youth with a rifle in his hand in the backyard of the residence. Officers report the guns the caller believed to be seen was a BB gun and all parties involved were adults.

04/12/2020 23:28 BRUSH HILL ROAD Accident – P/D CASE REPORT

Caller reports a motor vehicle accident of a vehicle in to a wall, and the vehicle left unoccupied. Officers report vehicle with Ma reg
8KZ963. Vehicle oporator shortly thereafter came back to the vehicle. Auto service notified for one tow. See report

04/13/2020 01:34 DECKER STREET Neighbor Disturbance UNFOUNDED CALL

Caller reports an unknown vehicle outside of the residence playing loud music. Officers report all vehicles in the area appear to be
unoccupied and all is quiet within the area.

04/14/2020 01:31 GRANITE AVENUE Suspicious Activity

Officer FIO’D individuals in RI Reg PH369, MA Reg 131A90 and MA Reg 8NDJ70. Parties claimed to have meet for a sale of a vehicle.

04/14/2020 02:51 ELIOT STREET Suspicious Activity

I911 Caller reported an alarm sounding in the above area. Officer reported they searched the area and surrounding area with negative results. Call unfounded.

04/14/2020 10:50 NANCY ROAD Suspicious Activity CASE REPORT

Caller reports getting a suspicious call and emails.

04/14/2020 14:03 BLUE HILL AVENUE Animal Complaint

Animal control reports removing a cat from the apartment. See report.

04/14/2020 14:40 WOODMERE DRIVE Animal Complaint CASE REPORT

IACO Bersarni reports a dog bite.

04/14/2020 14:43 VICTORY AVENUE Missing Person

911 caller reports her 7 year old daughter is missing. Child is a white female with blond hair last seen wearing a pink rain coat and gray skirt with a bike or scooter. Upon units arrival their caller reported the child was back home sitting on the front steps. Officer confirmed child was home and in good health.

04/14/2020 15:58 EVERGREEN TRAIL Suspicious Activity CASE REPORT

Party came into the station reporting suspicious activity that occurred in Boston. See report for particulars.

17:19 BLUE HILL RIVER RD Assist Other

9-1-1 Caller reported an SP vehicle in the above area. State PD notified.

04/14/2020 20:00 ABERDEEN ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports loud music coming from neighbor. Officer reports all is quiet.

04/14/2020 23:22 CENTRAL AVENUE Suspicious Activity TO HOME

Caller reports an unwanted party in her backyard. Officers report the party in question was DK male party. Party was transported home along with his roommate.

04/15/2020 13:27 ADAMS STREET Larceny CASE REPORT

Caller reports suspicious activity. See report.

04/15/2020 17:34 BRUSH HILL ROAD Assist Other Departments

Needham PD reported a male party making Q5 statments was pinging in the above area. Officers searched the area with negative

04/15/2020 18:37 WOLCOTT ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller reported an SP vehicle in the parking lot. Officer reported MA reg 1FCL59 left upon her arrival.

04/15/2020 20:46 HARBORVIEW ROAD Suspicious Activity

Caller requests a well being check on a student. Officer reports the student is fine and they with her mother. Peace restored.

04/16/2020 11:35 TURNPIKE STREET Mutual Aid (Sent)

Officer Chipman called out to above address with her partner to assist in locating a firearm.

04/16/2020 14:54 BRUSH HILL ROAD Suspicious Activity

Officer on patrol reports two open doors. Officer reports they search the home and were unable to secure the doors. Property manager notified.

04/16/2020 15:00 BELVOIR ROAD Neighbor Disturbance

Caller reports loud music. Officer reports the music is coming form MA Reg 9VH117 and they turned the music down.

04/16/2020 16:08 MAPLE STREET Larceny CASE REPORT

Caller reported she fell for a scam. See report.

04/16/2020 21:33 REEDSDALE ROAD Suspicious Activity

911 Caller reports 2 parties off to the side of the road arguing. Officers reports the parties were having a conversation to figure out
directions to get home. Both parties sent on their way.

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