Virtual art exhibit by Milton artist Beth Neville

Turners Pond: Beth Neville
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Virtual art exhibit by Milton artist Beth Neville

The Milton Public Library is hosting an online art exhibit for the next 6 weeks of paintings by Milton artist Beth Neville. Her most ambitious painting, “Eternal Recurrence of the Same,” is seven feet high by 70 feet long. And that is not a typo: seventy feet! It is constructed in 5 foot by 7-foot panels. The acrylic painting uses volcanoes as metaphors for the duration of a human life, creativity, and the vastness of the cosmos. But in less ambitious moments,

Beth paints what she loves around her: flowers, farm fields, her gardens, and Turner’s pond. She grew up on an apple farm in the Hudson Valley and was surrounded by fruit trees of many types. Plums, peaches, grapes, crabapples, and pears were grown along with many varieties of apples. The paintings in the MPL virtual exhibit demonstrate her love for the luscious and colorful nature of her childhood.

Beth has been creating art since childhood and has taught art students for four decades. Her biography also includes many exhibits, and the administration of multiple grants to support art production and instruction. She has also received several awards for her work, was a trustee for the Milton Art Museum, has been an art critic for several publications, and much more during her successful career.

Please go to this link to view the lovely display:

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