Check out the Top 10 Milton Neighbors posts for May 2020

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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Check out the Top 10 Milton Neighbors posts for May 2020

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from May 2020.

1. May 24, 2020: Andrews Park Fight Club

“During the past week there have two fights involving 25-30 kids in the middle of the day.”


2. May 8, 2020: Landscaper noise

“I know that if people mowed their own lawns there would be noise, however, it would not be with such large machines that make so much noise especially with a couple of them per crew running at the same time.”


3. May 9, 2020: Potential virtual schooling in fall

“Sobering but something to consider. Also, some things correlate directly for our K-12 schools.”


4. May 31, 2020: Decrease in new COVID cases in Milton

“For the sixth day in a row Milton has reported no new Covid-19 cases.”


5. May 23, 2020: SUV recommendations

“Does anyone have a 3rd row suv they love?”


6. May 17, 2020: COVID-friendly Pride Parade

“Hey Milton Peeps! Since we can’t have a Pride Parade in Bos this year, I will be taking my decorated van around town with my kids in June. 1) does anyone want to join me?”


7. May 17, 2020: First business you’ll visit!

“It’s Sunday, May 17th. What’s the first business you’ll visit when the “non-essentials” open up?”


8. May 16, 2020: Favorite Milton Neighbor Day

“Today is Saturday, May 16, 2020 & it’s “Favorite Milton Neighbor” day! Who’s your favorite MN group member and why?”


9. May 14, 2020: Focusing on the positive

“It’s Thursday, May 14, 2020. What’s one thing would you like to keep from this experience when we go back to “normal” – ?”


10. May 23, 2020: Unemployment scams

“I received this letter today stating that I applied for unemployment benefits on May 19th and a claim is now open for me. I have NOT applied for unemployment as I am still working full time. I think somehow I got hacked or scammed and am worried someone used my social security number.”



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