How to help a lost pet or stray in Milton

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How to help a lost pet or stray in Milton

Did you know the Town of Milton has a dedicated full time animal control officer?

Officer Nancy Bersani, certified by the Massachusetts Animal Control Academy, comes under the direction of the police department.

Have you ever noticed a lost pet and weren’t sure what to do?

Contact Offer Bersani Monday through Friday at (617) 698-0455 or via email at [email protected]

Call the Milton Police Department for Animal Control emergencies at (617) 698-3800 during off hours.

Officer Bersani has helped countless pets be reunited with their owners!

Officer Bersani is also responsible for:

  • Investigating acts of animal cruelty and neglect
  • Enforcing licensing and leash laws
  • Rescuing and treating injured animals
  • Sheltering dangerous and stray animals
  • Conducting nuisance and dangerous dog hearings
  • Director of all animal shelter operations
  • Speaks at civic events as it relates to animal issues and care

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