Small Business Corner: Four steps to transition your brick and mortar business to an online business

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Small Business Corner: Four steps to transition your brick and mortar business to an online business

We live in a time where many brick and mortar stores are shutting their doors and considering new ways of doing business. The need to take businesses online has never been more imperative, as brick and mortar stores continue to struggle with government restrictions and the public’s desire to avoid outings that could lead to COVID-19 exposure.

So many small businesses across the United States have had to close their doors because of COVID-19. If you are a business hoping to avoid that fate, these tips on how to transition your brick and mortar store into an online business might be helpful!

1. Start Small

You can get used to fulfilling and delivering orders by starting with Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping. An existing platform means there is already traffic, infrastructure, and a quick way to get your products out there to your intended audience.

2. Drive Traffic

If you haven’t yet, spend some time on keyword research as you begin your site development. You want potential shoppers to be able to find your business easily! In this step you will want to focus on content that adds value for your audience. Then make sure the world knows they can now buy your goods online!

3. Customer Service

You have to nail your customer service interactions to keep your customers coming back. If you haven’t yet, it is absolutely critical that you come up with a SOLID shipping, returns and refund policy!  Clear shipping and returns policies, easy to navigate and understand product pages, and helpful follow-up emails are all it takes.

4. Have Patience

Transitioning your business online takes time. Start small and slow and use the transition time to take advantage of the learning curve to improving new systems and processes.

It has never made more sense for small businesses to get in on the world of e-commerce.   We hope we have provided you with a roadmap and some orientation to transition your brick-and-mortar business to an online store successfully. Embrace the digital transformation!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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