Robert Levash announces candidacy for Milton Planning Board

Robert Levash
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Robert Levash announces candidacy for Milton Planning Board

I am eager to roll-up my sleeves, pull out my trace paper & sharpies, and get to work with your vote for a seat on our planning board. While our town continues to evolve, our planning must continue to evolve as well. Our town is faced with many challenges today: overcrowded schools, older town infrastructure, and a real need for affordable and diverse housing options.

Since 2002, Milton has only increased its affordable housing by a mere .74% and has less than 5% of its housing inventory as affordable and on the SHI. With less than 10%, our town remains vulnerable to development that may conflict with our zoning and town’s vision for the future. We must do better!  We need a proactive planning approach which is thoughtful and preserves what makes our town so special.

I have been a Milton resident since 2008. My family, wife, Jaime and my two daughters, Gabby (9) and Reese (4), spent 12 years in East Milton before moving last January to West Milton. We have built strong relationships across our community schools, sports, and neighborhood groups. I am the President of The Vose Hill Neighborhood Association. I have been a panelist representing our neighborhood interest on the recent 40b development project at 582 Blue Hill Ave. This site has the potential to preserve a historic estate and garden while also addressing the need for affordable housing. Preservation through adaptation such as this can provide new life and diverse housing options for our community.

To move our town forward proactively, here are my planning goals: 

  • Greater local control of housing development through the housing production plan to fulfill the annual goal of a minimum of 48 affordable units/year until Milton meets the minimum 10% threshold
  • Identify and create proactive zoning which will promote responsible development
  • Provide revitalization tools for our business districts to increase town amenities and tax revenue
  • Preserve our historically significant neighborhoods, architecture & open space
  • Create sustainability standards for new developments
  • Commit to Smart Growth Planning which prioritizes environment, health, and economic conditions

I am excited by the recent passing of the Community Preservation Act as it will provide funding for alternative planning strategies to the 40b developments. With over 18 years of experience as a Licensed Architect and as a Partner at Wilson Butler Architects, my skill set is uniquely suited to evaluate and create alternative planning studies that are essential to this role. I am an active member of the American Institute of Architects and the Boston Society of Architects. I am a member of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) and continue to advocate for diversity within the design profession. I am confident my experience, my passion, and my pride in and love for Milton makes me the right candidate to lead Milton into its future. I ask for your vote on April 27th.

Thank You,

Rob Levash AIA
[email protected]

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