Skylar natural perfumes for Valentine’s Day – A Milton Scene Random Review

skylar scent club
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Skylar natural perfumes for Valentine’s Day – A Milton Scene Random Review

Valentine’s Day can be tough – why not surprise her with something other than the standard roses + Russell Stover?

Enter Skylar Scents

Skylar sells nature-inspired clean fragrances like capri, isle, meadow, salt air, and willow.

The scents are beautiful and appealing to multiple people – it’s difficult not to love them, unlike some fragrances which might only smell good to a small number of people.

skylar scent club

I am a member of the Skylar Scent Club. Every month, the good folks at Skylar send me a travel sized rollerball of their latest monthly scent for $20, including shipping.

Here is the best part: if I love it, I keep it – and if I don’t love it, I send it back and they pay for the return postage.

You can only get these scents if you’re a Scent Club member. Otherwise, you have to settle for their regular options, which are lovely as well. But since I delight in the surprise factor so very much, I haven’t ordered any of their everyday scents thus far.

I’ve been a member for 12 months now, and I’ve kept 10 of the 12 rollerballs.

I always have the perfect scent to match my mood and occasion. And because they’re rollerball size, it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming commitment.

Suffice to say, I love their scents. They are great for popping into your purse or travel cosmetic bag, too, because they’re nice and small.

My latest favorites are Pink Sky and Moonlight Petal.

Skylar Scent Club – as well as their a la carte items – are a fabulous gift option for that special someone, especially if you’re just not sure what to get her!

Added bonus: Skylar’s scents are hypoallergenic.

Click here to learn more about Skylar scents.


Contributed by Melissa Fassel Dunn.

*This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I’ll totally blow on mint, limes, and rum.


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