What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – June 2021

Milton Neighbors most popular top posts
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What are we discussing? Top Milton Neighbors posts – June 2021

Wondering what the top Milton Neighbors posts for June 2021 were?

We’ve summarized the top posts for you from the past 28 days.

1. Not a fan of the East Milton Square deck project

“These photos are a classic example of how dangerous and ludicrous East Milton is becoming. Taking a right turn at the Post Office on to Edgehill Road with an island sticking out in the middle of the road is not only dangerous, accidents waiting to happen, but completely ridiculous. Furthermore, it eliminates parking spots that East Milton desperately needs and wants. With major developments planned which will forever change the character, neighborhoods of East Milton and not for the better. East Milton deserves far better than this”

2. Why Milton?

“What was your reason/s for choosing Milton? And did the town live up to that for your family?”

3. Questions about the summer reading requirement

“I’m posting this in search of honest opinions and discussion. Not trying to start a FB war but truly seeking some perspective.

This summer, both Pierce and MHS have taken the summer reading requirement (which was previously about as minimal as could be, requiring one book per summer) and decided that listening to podcasts will fulfill the summer reading requirement.

I am struggling to understand how this promotes educational excellence. I cannot imagine the argument that listening to a podcast has as much educational value as reading, and I don’t understand how reading a single book during ten weeks of summer is too much to ask of students.
I’m wondering whether there is something I am missing here- does anyone have any insight into this or any alternative perspective? Thanks in advance.”

4. Kudos to the Select Board Chair

“Cheers to Katie Conlon, who—without noticeable support from her colleagues also present—faced down a menacing bully trying to wrest control of the June 23, 2021 Select Board meeting.”

5. Electricity Aggregation Program

“Ok, what is this? I can’t tell if it’s a scam or not. It was dropped off in my screen door not sent in the mail. Is this for real? If so, what did I miss? Are people opting out or keeping it?”

6. Milton’s Favorite Cowboy

“Shout out to Walker Cowboy. Anyone else drive Adams Street from Algerine to the Square around 7:30am? A developing local legend (at least in my mind) donning a cowboy hat walks east on Adams most mornings. He tips his cap as if to say “good morning” to each car passing by. Thank you for being a bright spot during my daily commute.”

7. LeeMichael MacLean & Bryan Furze’s story shared far and wide

“LeeMichael and Bryan’s story was on Channel 5 News at 6 tonight. So glad Milton is standing strong behind these great community members and against biases of any kind! #iammichellefruitzey !!!”

8. Reminder to lock your cars 

“Someone rummaged thru my car last night ! Didnt get much,this is the 2nd time i have been violated like this- I make sure i lock all cars before heading to bed- however I forgot last night ( i am human ) and they got lucky- lesson learned. THE POLICE need to do more routine canvassing at night 😞”

9. Do graduates need to wear formal clothing during a heat wave graduation ceremony?

“Tomorrow the temp is supposed to reach 93 during the high school graduation. I was told it is a formal affair. I for one, will wear dress shirt and pants but not a jacket and tie. We could have heat strokes out there in the field. I would have hoped the school committee would consider the heat situation and relax the formal code.”

10. Photo of Milton’s old Town Hall

“Found this in an old box of photos today. This is the beautiful old Milton Town Hall. First Congregational Church to the right.”

Milton's old town hall. Photo credit: Carolyn Murdock Fritz

Photo credit: Carolyn Murdock Fritz



Milton Neighbors is the 12,000+ member social media group connected to The Milton Scene.

In May 2021, the group had 770 Posts, 7,049 Comments, and 16,328 reactions.

Tuesday was the most popular day in June.

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