POLL: Do you have a Covid-19 vaccine booster?

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POLL: Do you have a Covid-19 vaccine booster?

According to the Milton Department of Health, positive cases of Milton residents tested for Covid-19 have risen from 2.87% to 13.83% in the less than a month.

On January 1, there were 23 confirmed cases and on January 9, there were 66 confirmed cases.

According to a recent study, “People who got either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series and then a booster achieved “potent” neutralization against omicron, a paper published Thursday in the journal Cell found.” (Source: USA Today, Jan 7, 2022)

Related: No Omicron immunity without booster, study finds (Harvard Gazette, Jan 7, 2022)

POLL: Do you have a Covid-19 vaccine booster?

This poll has ended (since 3 months).

Do you have a Covid-19 vaccine booster?

No, I do not plan on it.
I am not yet vaccinated.
No, but I plan on it.


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