Tips to stay on top of supply chain issues as a small business owner – Small Business Corner

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Tips to stay on top of supply chain issues as a small business owner -Small Business Corner

Supply chain issues have really taken a toll on small businesses importing materials. To minimize the damage of disruptions and limit exposure to risks, your small business must first identify the potential threats you could face. Here are some tips to help you navigate supply chain issues.

Establish an emergency management plan

During times of crisis, you will want to have a plan to centralize information and decision-making functions. An emergency management plan will also help you prepare for prolonged shutdowns and return to normal operations post-disaster.

Store extra inventory

Be sure to set aside extra inventory as this will ensure that your small business can continue operations for several months, even during unexpected events and uncertain times. Stocking up on extra inventory will also ensure that your small business will be covered in the event of demand surges and/or product shortages.

Keep an eye on products

You want to make sure that you still have suppliers and a steady flow of parts and materials. You will want to find out how your supply chain works through supplier mapping. This is also known as supply chain visibility. Look out for quality decline, late deliveries, and fake products. Have a plan for if your critical suppliers go out of business, because then this in turn could affect your small business.

Manage customer demand

Your small business should plan ahead regarding how to handle customer demand during a supply chain disruption. You want to always be seeking out new technologies, processes, and strategies in order to stay competitive in your respective markets.

Recovery plan

The goal is for your small business to be more resilient and prepared for unexpected situations in the future. Your small business will need to carefully anticipate the difficulties during recovery and form appropriate strategies to ensure the survival of your business going forward.

Luckily, it is easier for a small business to pivot and make necessary changes. There is always room for learning and growth!


We hope you find these tips helpful!

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